Tips for Attracting more Hummingbirds to your Yard

September 13, 2019 at 11:20 pm

There is something magical about the sighting of hummingbirds buzzing around in and drinking nectar your yard. The thing is these birds will not go anywhere near your house if there is nothing there to attract them. If you want these beautiful birds to grace your compound with their presence, you should consider the tips below.

Hummingbird Attracting

1. Plant Your Flowers the Right Way
Hummingbirds love flowers but this does not mean they love all flowers. These birds are partial to flowers with bright colors and sweet nectar. For this reason, you should plant the flowers that are likely to attract hummingbirds. Plant flowers with bright colors and arrange these flowers for maximum visual effect in your yard. The best options are flowers with bright red petals like the hibiscus flower. Apart from its bright red petals, hummingbirds love the hibiscus flower because of its sweet nectar. In case you do not know the right flowers to plant, consult a horticulturist and this expert will recommend the right plants.

2. Buy Red Feeders
If you have flowers but you do not have feeders, the hummingbirds will not hang out in your yard. Buy plenty of feeders and place them in strategic locations all over the compound. While you are at it, you should buy red colored feeders. Hummingbirds love red colors so if your nectar feeders have a red base or a red top, the hummingbirds will come.

3. Arrange the Feeders Properly
Now, you cannot buy your feeders and just scatter them all over the place. You need to know the sweet science of feeder arrangement and use it to maximum effect. The first thing you should do is to wear your hummingbird hat. Look at the compound from the perspective of a hummingbird and figure out the best location for feeders. Now, place the feeders strategically near the flowers the hummingbirds are already visiting. Do not put the feeder in the middle of nowhere and expect the birds to feed. If your feeder is somewhere in the middle of your barren compound, smart hummingbirds will assume it is a trap and stay away from it. The best places for your feeders are perching areas like shrubs and trees. One more tip on feeder location is that the sun enhances fermentation. For this reason, you should keep the feeders out of the sun so that the nectar will last longer.

4. Never Run Out of Nectar
One of the best tips for attracting hummingbirds to your yard is to have a constant supply of nectar for these birds. You see, hummingbirds have habits. Once they notice there is always a regular supply of nectar in your yard, they will come to your yard and they will even invite their friends. Run out of nectar and they will simply go elsewhere.

5. Hang Multiple Feeders
When it comes to feeders for your visiting hummingbirds, too many is always preferable to too few. Hanging multiple feeders all over your yard ensure the birds have enough nectar. Multiple feeders are sure to attract more hummingbirds and keep bullies in check. Some hummingbirds can be touchy, aggressive and territorial. One feisty hummingbird might perch close to a feeder and stop other birds from feeding. With many feeders, you solve this problem because the would-be bully cannot impose his authority on many different feeders.

6. Feed Hummingbirds By Hand
If you think hummingbirds are timid and wild birds, you have to think again. These birds are cute and adorable. In fact, these birds are bold and relatively easy to rain. Buy a handheld feeder and you can feed your hummingbirds. With a bit of patience and tact, you will have hummingbirds practically eating out of your hands.

7. Invest in Window Feeders
You should invest in a few window feeders because they are great for your children. Just place the feeders on the window ledge and you can watch the birds feed. The window feeder is an excellent way to introduce your kids to these awesome birds. Once your children have the opportunity to watch hummingbirds up close, they will fall in love with these birds.

8. Provide Water
Hummingbirds love nectar but this is not all they live on because these birds also eat insects. Now, a diet of nectar and small insects might lead to constipation if you do not provide water for your hummingbirds. Provide a source of water and your hummingbirds will be happy. A mister is an excellent idea because the birds will drink and bathe when they come visiting.

Finally, you should plan your hummingbird garden the right way. Plant the flowers in a creative and attractive manner. Ensure you always have flowers blooming and the hummingbirds will keep coming.